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  1. Michael

    Is it possible to use Abp Boilerplate Framework to upload files? If you could provide an example I would very appreciate it.

  2. Asfand

    I am going to develop a SPA in asp net which users can add photos and otherz can like or comment like instagram. dont know how to use SPA/ need help.

  3. erkan

    Makaleleriniz için teşekkürler, TCP diye arayınca halil ibrahim kalkan geliyor her yerde 😀 (yazgeliştirdeki makalenizi ararken codeprojecttekini buldum :D)

  4. Graps

    How can multiple select with dependsOn be implemented on jTable? Thought I would find that in the latest version (jTable 2.4.0).

  5. Emma

    Great work, interested in your client/server implementation. beginner, in terms implementation. can this be used to connect client to server where there is not API is not available.what in depth does one need to know to achieve the connection.

    1. hikalkan


      Thanks a lot. There should be a message format at least, in a communication. Client should know these: Server IP, port and message format. This is true for any communication library.

  6. Paul Alves

    Hi (:

    Great work with Abp Hikalkan!

    I would like to ask you, if you has plans to implement some abstraction for cloud services, like aws or azure. Services such as mails, file storages, queues, jobs etc…

    I also like to know if you think it is possible to implement CQRS/CQS approach with Abp.

    Great work! Again!

    Paul Alves


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