AspNet Iteration Zero

In this month, I released a commerical starter kit for ASP.NET MVC & AngularJs based web applications. It’s built on my open source ASP.NET Boilerplate project and Metronic material theme.

What’s the problem?

You want to start a new web application for a specific business but there are many things to do before creating your first useful business page. You create a new project, create a UI (maybe buy a theme), setup a layout, login page, user, role, permission management system, navigation menu… and much more. These are just shown side, there are many tasks in server-side code even before writing first usable business code.

How it solves?

You will have a pre-build solution that provides all of these and much more. Also, you will have a strong and well documented project architecture and development model. And all source codes are in your hand, just change it upon your needs. So, it saves your time and you immediately start your business, without thinking the infrastructure.

Want to see?

See all features of it on it’s web page: You can create a demo and test it.

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  1. Satyanshu

    Hi halil ibrahim kalkan

    I am become a big fan of yours . Currently i am working on a project using jTable .
    I have a query i want to add jQuery Loading Spnier with export to excel . Can you tell me how to do that .

    With Thanks

  2. Kunal

    Hi Hikalkan,

    Many many thanks for such application, do you have any plan to upgrade it on MVC6 with Asp.net5


  3. HoangTM

    Is it possible or hard to update to the latest version of Zero module? Currently, I’m developing on Zero module, but in the future, when you release a new version, can I implement it to my current project?

    1. hikalkan

      Is you are talking about the startup template, there is no automatic way of upgrading it. Because you get source code and modify it, how it can be upgraded then? For the framework part, you can always upgrade Abp.* nuget packages.


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