First month of free working

Exactly one month has been passed over leaving my job.

I’m waking up at the same time and starting to work early. Since I’m in Istanbul, traffic is terrible. So, I’m happy to not be included to that traffic and saving 2 to 3 hours every day :) I use these saved hours to work on my projects and to play with my 3-months doughter.

In the last month, I finished AspNet MVC version of AspNet Zero, completely renewed web site and worked on ASP.NET Boilerplate project (closed many issues on Github and released a few versions). ABP v0.7 will be released in a week. I worked a few days for consultancy and joined some seminars. Also, trying to get support from TUBİTAK (which is a goverment foundation supports R&D projects) for ABP, AspNet Zero and other ideas will be built on these.

Earning money is secondary (because I was earning enough to conitnue my life). The most important thing is to create projects in my mind. So, first one month was great. I worked on projects I love. I felt the freedom! Also, AspNet Zero sales goes well, the community is growing :)

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  1. hafez

    Hi Kalkan
    thanks for your good work ; are you planning to release a version of your templates for 5 mvc 6
    Kind Regards

  2. jawad sharif

    it feels very great to know when you see someone already being successful on a risky path you have chosen for yourself.
    let me simplify it
    Actually, I am in the same stage in which you were in your last year when you quit your job. and starting implementation of my own product ideas.
    I first saw your article about jTable and that was really inspiring. I must say zero is a great success you have made afterwards.
    I really appreciate your dedication, ideas, progress and knowledge of the field.

  3. Najeeb

    You’ve done a great job Halil!
    However, don’t you think the price of the aspnetzero is a little bit expensive? At least for us (developers). there could be a special price or a free trail version, so we can test the product and then purchase only when we have a complete product to publish.

    Thank you

    1. hikalkan

      Thank you. I accept that it’s not cheap, but not so expensive when you think the time you will spend to build it yourself. It would be much more expensive to build it yourself.
      Also, notice that we are selling the source code. Most companies does not sell source code and if you want to buy the source code it would be very expensive, because you are getting unprotected full source code.
      If you are individual developer, contact to 😉


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