Hello World… once more!

This is my new web site. I wanted to move to a modern and clean home page. I will share my projects, articles and blog entries here anymore.

19 Comments Hello World… once more!

  1. Suman

    I really appreciate your work and knowledge around Microsoft world. I was following you from past two year, when I have first seen you jTable. I am into more of how to think different and Implement other works in your way. I have sucessfully implemented you jtable in my project which i have developed using ASP.NET 2010 , Jquery , Jtable, Linq2SQL and SQL 2000. With limited resouces. I have customized your Jtable and I was wondered looking at your work. I am also looking/working towards SPA. I have seen you sample. I think you have developed using VS 2012 . Are you planning for VS 2010 and MVC 4? I really appreciate. I was thinking from long time to thank you. And keep up the good works . You are a Software GEEK.

  2. hikalkan

    Hi Suman,

    Thank you very much for your comments on my works and me. I’m very glad.
    I don’t think to adapt ASP.NET Boilerplate for older MVC versions. It’s an edge-technology framework. It’s usable in VS2013 with ASP.NET MVC 5 and .NET Framework 4.5.1. I’m sorry for that. I advice you to force conditions to pass to latest .NET platform.

  3. Dionisis

    Hello and congrats for the effort and for the knowledge you are giving away.
    I really have learned a lot since starting with Abp.
    I am posting this comment to ask you about taskever which i have downloaded but not getting to work. I think something wrong with the database schema. I run migrations.bat but it returns error aboyt version of FluentMigration. Also is there something missing about Abp Users schema??

  4. Farshad

    Thanks for nice post about Boilerplate (MVC and AngularJS). if I want to use the Iaggregateroot or aggregateroot class. which assembly should be included in project in order these Interface or Class to be identified?


  5. hikalkan


    I can not spend time to work on Taskever since developing ABP is more important. But, I will upgrade it to latest ABP version and make it work in a short time.

    Have a nice day.

  6. hikalkan

    Hi Farshad,

    There is no aggregate special classes in ABP. Since aggragete root is an Entity, you can derive it from Entity class.


  7. Anthony


    Thanks for sharing your projects. I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. You have a .NET application (DotNetMQ) that can send SMS’s. I need such a service but don’t know .NET yet. I need it for a website that I have created and need to be able to send SMS’s in the short term. I am planning on learning .NET but that may take some time between work and what not to get up to scratch.

    Thanks again

  8. hikalkan


    The sample for DotNetMQ does not send SMS. It’s just demo.
    For sending SMS, you should use a service provider. Probably they will provide you a web/rest service and you’ll use it.
    But if you don’t know .NET, your work will be hard :)

  9. Saeid

    Best regards

    I am working with ABP project,for my web site .
    i think this ABP ,very Powerful!

    But I now I need your help :
    “how set role permission (when user login , and permission loaded from dbo.AbpPermission) to Config ?

    1.How get permission for user from database , in AccountController on login method ?
    2.How set permission on config , for use on angullar in forms ?!

    ((i am using , Abp & Abp.Zero(for login) ))

    Thanks again


    Hi hikalkan,

    I try use you Simple Client Server Library (SCS) in my project. Thanks for shearing this big and powerful work.
    server side, I only need to receive my data in byte[] but I don’t know what is the best way to create a custom wire protocol.
    Could you help me ?

  11. Hojat

    Hi hikalkan
    Your Jtable Is Best Grid
    i want use in My Web Project
    But who to use Jtable In RTL Style?
    please Help Me

  12. Himadri

    Hi hikalkan,

    You made a excellent framework and made it very modular. I have one small question on ModuleZero. I think we need to use a strict user/role/tenant schema while using ModuleZero, but why is it so. Can we have our own user/role/tenant(company) schema along with module zero module.

    I was mainly talking like below. Below way I can point AbpUser to Users table but is there any right way of doing this?

    public class User : AbpUser
    public override string EmailConfirmationCode

    Any advice will be much appreciated.

    Thanks again,

  13. Hirak Dasgupta

    I have read your jtable project. I must say it is one of the best CRUD table project i have ever seen. Only help I require is that I need sample server-side codes for createAction in Java (struts).


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